Haugen Ball Park Association


Haugen Ball Park Association

Haugen Ballpark History

Haugen baseball has been around for more than 90 years with ball diamonds located in or around the Village.

This ballpark opened in 1961 starting with used telephone poles and agricultural fencing (chicken wire) for the bake stop. In 1977 the Village of Haugen allocated money for the chain-link backstop and home run fences. Volunteers from the ball team and village resident installed the fences.

In the early '80s, the Haugen Community Club, spearheaded by local merchant Jim Hill, built the pavilion located on the third base side. This has provided shade for many spectators of Haugen baseball.

In September of 1989 the Haugen Ballpark Association was formed. This Association used spaghetti feeds, raffles, baseball tournaments, and selling of dear hides, plus private donation to make the following improvements to this ballpark.

Fall 1989 - Built up infield and laid new sod.

Spring of 1990 - Built new concession stand, installed new restroom facilities, and built new dugouts.

Fall of 1991 - Added foul line fencing down the sidelines.

Spring 1992 - Built roof over bleachers behind backstop.

Fall of 1992 - Dug, rock-raked, and seeded outfield.

1993-1994 - Purchased groomer for Maintenance of dirt part of infield.

Fall of 1994 and spring of 1995 - The Association raised $40,000 for the installation of the lights that now grace this ballpark. Most of the money was raised with donations and pledges over a three year period. The lights were used for the first time on June 9, 1995, in a game between the Haugen Knights and the Haugen Hornets.

1996 - Saw the construction of bleachers down first base side, with the roof being tied into existing roof for a stadium effect.

Spring 1997 - Electronic scoreboard was purchased and installed on right field light tower.

Spring 1998 - Saw the addition of equipment shed down right field line, remodeling of concession stand on the inside, new warning track in the outfield, and the addition of flower beds surrounding our Field of Dreams sign. Also a plaque was made and installed on the west wall of the concession stand thanking everyone who donated money, materials, or equipment to our lighting project.

1999 - Purchased new motor for groomer. Lifted dirt part of infield with 120 yards of black dirt.

2000 - Installed new backstop and put drain tile in outfield.

2002 - Built new dugouts and new batting cage.

2003 - Cap put on outfield fence.

2004 - Two new bull pens were added.

2005 - New equipment shed put into use.

2006 - Bleachers updated.

2007 - Work on pavilion.

2008 - Purchased roller and weed sprayer.

2009 - Obtained bleachers from Rice Lake School District.

2010 - New sign for Haugen ballpark.